specalises in inclusive design & innovation



In the disability community, inclusive design is a design process in which the needs of people with disabilities are considered as well. The characteristics of the products and system helps make the consumer feel independent and included into society. The reason why I chose to inclusive design instead of accessible design because accessible design separates the disability community to society. Therefore, creating inclusive products is more effective and brings diversity into society.

Why is inclusive design important?

The goal of inclusive design is to offer the same products and technology assistance for all users. The approach to inclusive design helps seize important opportunities for business growth through new products and service that are accessible to all segments of the market. Most importantly, it creates diversity and uniqueness of each individual in mind and creates a professional environment for potential users to all stages of design process.

What has inspired me to do Inclusive Design?

Ever since I received my cochlear implants at the age of 2 years old (left side) and age of 5 years old (right side), it has inspired me why I wear Cochlear Implants. When a new Cochlear Implant has been launched, I analysed what each product has improved and what features has changed. In high school, I realised that other disability products is not as developed as the Cochlear implants. Therefore, this has inspired me to create inclusive products and bring everyone together as one.