LinkedIn Training Certificates

I have completed online courses through LinkedIn Learning to expand my skills and understand how to use the programs on professional expert level. I have also gained these skills through my studying Industrial Design at Western Sydney University. The reason for further gaining more skills helps me expand my knowledge in design and create innovative products that I can apply through using these skills I have learnt.


This course was completed to help me gain skills in taking photos that will benefit me in understanding how to advertise products. I am interested in advertisement and understand what makes a product engaging and draws customer’s attention to the product. This will also benefit me in graphic design for posters and social media ads.


This course was completed to for an unit, Augumented Reality which was a great insight to undertand how Ikea, Google and Apple use AR Apps to their products. This helped me understand the fundamentals of how Unreal Engine works. This program is used to create AR Apps.