Malala Conference Event

Malala conference that I have attendant has really inspired me because it has got me thinking about what I wanted to do after high school. In the event, I represented Cochlear and I got to meet the CEO of Cochlear. Malala’s inspirational words has got me thinking about making a world better place with creating inclusive products.

Here is an article that Cochlear has posted based on the Malala Conference Event.

Hearing loss is no barrier to achieving your dreams


This article was written to help inspire others that my disability does not stop me from achieving my goals. Even though I got bullied for my dreams of helping my community and my disability. I used that as advantage to help me become a stronger person. I want my community to know that you can achieve anything regardless what you have.

My Self Love Journey

This article was written to show the community that my past experiences has made a stronger person. Through my journey, I realised that Cochlear has gifted me with hearing and it has made me appreciate my disability. My passion for art and design has blossomed in high school and my disability has inspired me to create artworks to educate others about my experiences.

Hear for you event – The Youth Forum

In this event, I represented for Cochlear and I shared my experiences a young adult with hearing loss to the Minister of Commonwealth, Ken Wyatt. We discuss the roadmap for hearing health in Australia. This was a great experience and it helped me pursue my passion for making disability inclusive to every aspect of the industry.