This program creates 3d models without physical products



This was my first attempt in learning how to draw on Soldiworks and I really enjoyed learning how to produce 3D models. This would be beneficial to when I need to use 3D printing and understand how my 2D conceptual ideas would look like in 3D form. Soldiworks is a great application for designers to understand how products work without making a physical prototype.


This project was a challenge because the shape of the drill had different curves. If I had more time to spend learning how to draw complex shapes, this model would have more detail to it. I learnt how to use the drawing sheets professionally for when sending my designs to the manufacturers.


This was for an assignment and I learnt that surface moulding can be done on Solidworks which is a great way to prototype products. However, I did struggle with completing the mould and I needed to spend more time on it. The design on the phoneclip is minimalistic and functional. The design flaw for the phoneclip is that the scew can become weak when used overtime.