Using this skill to create 3d product form


isee garlic crusher project

This project was based on understanding the ergonomics of a garlic crusher an we had to redesign the garlic crusher to a particular target audience. I chose to focus on children and the three concepts were drawn on Photoshop. The first design was a the most suitable design for children as it shows a journey on how to crush a garlic. The original material was going to be acrylic however, I could not access the workshop during the lockdown. I decided to use wood since I had the equipment and materials. It was a successful design but if I was able to 3D print the handle and laser cut acrylic sheets, the weight of the product would have been much lighter.


This is one of my favorite project because I am passionate about making generic packaging inclusive to the disability community. SBS Model is handmade by using cardboard and using braille dots to help support the clients use the shaver and open the package independently. However, if I had the right equipment, I would put safety gear on the shaver and put braille on the buttons to further guide the client. Also, the graphics I used on the model was drawn by using Photoshop.

INCLUSIVE DESIGN – Visual Impairment: After extensive research about inclusive products and understanding the struggles for a person who has visual impairment, it has taught me that a lot of the product packaging is very generic and not tactile. This research has helped me ensure my design will be suitable to its criteria.

BRAILLE RESEARCH & PRODUCTION: After research about braille production and how braille works, I realised that the machine ‘Braille Stamping’ is very expensive and I had to make a gimmick for the packaging that I am producing. I used Braille dots from the craft store and use Braille Translator to make it accurate. If this design was to manufactured, I would purchase a Braille Stamping machine and Laser Cut Machine to make my design more accurate.

the usual cafe caravan project

This project was based on the current situation with Covid and how it influence the business to change their system to become suitable for the Covid regulations. I have created a new coffee caravan business, ‘The Usual Cafe’. Through my research and prototyping, I created various models and new concept sketches to further understand how to make the the business Covid friendly. Afterwards, I designed AR App that will show the customers how the business runs before entering the business. This is a great way to demonstrate how Covid regulations are applied to the business and a fun way to engage the customers to grab a coffee!

I have created a demonstration video of how the AR app would look like before making the app. This helped me understand how AR features work and gave me ideas on how to produce these features into the app making.


The lamp design is for a bedroom lamp that can be used in their bedroom. The way I designed this lamp was using Nautilus Gears. I did research and understand how I can apply mechanical gears into my lamp design. The Nautilus Gears are perfect for this lamp design because of the round oval shape. The way these gears work is they turn around and they lock when they hit the flat surface. This was my first model I ever made in my course and I really enjoyed prototyping and understanding how mechanical components makes the product work in different way.


These two models were designed from a scenario that I had to design for an assignment. Both models have an interaction feature to alert the public when flooding activity occurs.

Model 1 will be placed under a footbridge where the appliance can be submerged or be in contact with water. When the water level reaches the bottom of the model, it will interact with the water sensor which will then activate the LED flood warning lights. The appliance contains 5G IoT communications circuitry (this will send flood warning messages to residents’ phones), as well as an optional external antenna. When the flood level is moderate or major, the buzzer will also operate.

Model 2 includes sculptural element with a display screen that is connected with the first model positioned under the footbridge. The second model has motion sensor that turns on the display. When a pedestrian walks pass the motion sensor of this model, the display is activated and shows the flood level. If the flood level is moderate or major, the buzzer turns on.

UX Design – iWatch Prototypes

Situation: A person who works on the construction site has voice disorder. The disability limits the person to communicate clearly and loudly in noisy environments. On the construction site, it is very noisy and difficult to communicate to keep others on task as well as safe. The two task that needs to be performed on the construction are; visual communication and the product must have physical contact that alerts the person.

Design Proposal: A watch that has technology integrated to communicate within the co-workers. The app is designed to alert each other and ensure the worker is safe.

Conceptual Design Proposal – 3 Watch Prototypes

Final Conceptual Design  iWatch Prototype