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career statement

I am a passionate Digital Designer with a hearing impairment, wearing two Cochlear Implants. My personal journey has inspired me to create inclusive products for all communities. I have graduated with a Bachelor of Design and Technology, majoring in Digital Innovation and Design Practice. My aim is to bridge the gap between diverse abilities and advocate for inclusivity. I am dedicated to shaping a compassionate and empowering future through the power of design.

design skills


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Solidworks

  • Archicad

  • Products and Prototypes

  • Packaging Specialist

  • UX/UI (User Experience & User Interaction)

  • Website design

  • App development

  • Graphics – AR (Augmented Reality)



  • Completion of UNSW Women of Engineering Camp – 2018
  • Contribution towards Articles for Cochlear – 2018
  • Malala Talk – Contributed the video for the Cochlear Global Campaign and representing Cochlear – 2018
  • Completion of High School Certificate (HSC) – 2019
  • Nomination for Design Technology Major, Year 12, NESA –2019
  • Partnership Announcement – Malala Fund & Cochlear Foundation, 2021
  • WSU Women’s International Day Panel Discussion (A panelist), 2022
  • Inclusive Designer Podcast for NextSense, 2022
  • Sydney Opera House Build Creative Lab Program, 2022



Tara Anglican School – 2013 to 2014 Completed year 7-8

Santa Sabina College – 2015 Completed year 9

MLC Burwood – 2016 to 2019 Completed High School Certificate

Western Sydney University – 2020 to 2022 Bachelor of Design Technology


Teaching Assistant, Turkish School, 2016-2017

To assist the teachers in the classroom by organising the paperwork, prepare the activities and working under minimal supervision.

Year 10 Work Experience, SCIC & Cochlear, 2017

At SCIC, I assist the audiologist with their tasks by communicating with clients about the issues they are facing with their Cochlear Implant. At Cochlear, I worked with engineers and marketing team to understand the different departments in the company.

Global Marketing Assistant, Cochlear, 2018-2019

In the global marketing assistant role, I focused on Australia and New Zealand. I assist with ongoing marketing campaigns by collecting audience feedback, creating graphs, charts, and slides to present to decision-makers, and conducting market research to understand the target audience.

Retail Assistance, The Body Shop, 2020 – 2021

To provide a high level of customer support, process sales and understand discounting and cash handling procedures, using knowledge of product, relevant policies, procedures, and customer sales. The goal is to provide high class customer service and to increase company’s growth and revenue through sales maximisation.

Customer Service, Universal Store, 2021

To help customers with complaints and questions, give customers information about products and process returns. By helping customers understand the product and answering questions relating to the company or the product. The goal is to provide high class customer service and to increase company’s growth and revenue through sales maximisation.

Product Quality – Product Recovery, IKEA, 2021 – 2022

Inspect returned products for damages or missing hardware or pieces and determine destination for products: Back to Stock, ‘As-Is’, spare parts, trash and recycled.

Student Ambassador, WSU 2022 – 2022

The key role of a student ambassador is to engage with students, answer any questions they have around joining your institution, and reassure and guide them in their journey.

Build Creative Lab Program, Sydney Opera House, 29th of March – 8th of April 2022

BUILD is a new Creative Learning program that uses the lens of the Sydney Opera House building, its site, and its story to explore creative explorations around STEM and built environment perspectives, through the power of the arts and architecture. My role was to engage global leaders, in the context of a real-life design challenge by using Sydney Opera House as a learning canvas, working in interdisciplinary teams to explore the architecture, engineering, and design of the building.

Interior Designer co-worker, Graphic Communications, IKEA, 2022

As a part of the Store Interior Design team, I used my deep knowledge of people’s life at home and my design skills to competence to show many functional, beautiful sustainable and affordable solutions that are relevant to my local market. I also challenge and encourage the many people to see their homes in new ways.

Marketing and Communications, NextSense, 7th of November to 2nd of December

It is a 4-week internship at NextSense. During this time, I have worked with key people from the Marketing and Communications, Design and Innovations and Institute teams. I have engaged in developing accessible video and print materials and engaging in several projects.

Technical Specialist, Apple, 2022 – 2023

To provide technical assistance, solving customer service queries, and troubleshooting hardware and software issues. I manage the security functions and oversee the configuring of computer parts of Apple Devices. I train and assist the genius co-workers with the products and apps. I also offer advice on the best practices for utilising technical programs and applications to customers and co-workers.

Consultant Associate Designer, IBM, 2023 – Current

IBM produces and sells computer hardware, middleware, and software, and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. As a Consultant, I apply and develop your analytical, interpersonal, creative thinking, business management and leadership skills from day one. For Associate designer role, I offer expert advice on incorporating aesthetics and functionality into a space or product based on the needs and audience of their clients.


For confidentiality, I will not display my references on this website. To get my references, please email me and we will discuss about it. Thank you for your understanding.