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Tiny House Project

The tiny house project is focused on supporting the disability community and helping the client learn how to be independent. NDIS provides NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL) which helps the client who struggle to live independently, and this support system helps the client live independently. The house system is having a group home with multiple clients living together or an apartment with one client. The issue with this system is the cost of apartment and housing is increasing and the clients are struggling to pay for their bills. In addition, there is not enough space for housing and the layout of the apartment is too small for the clients. Therefore, redesigning a tiny house is the perfect solution for this situation because it would help the government provide more support and housing assistant since tiny houses are cheaper. The location for the tiny house is located at Grorae, Victoria. This location is perfect since the size of the land would fit the measurements of the tiny house. The reason for choosing this land is that it has enough space to place multiple tiny houses together and form into a community center. This would be successful and easier for the government to fund the disability community and help them achieve their goals.