About me

I am a young Industrial Designer who is passionate about making products inclusive to all communities. I have a hearing loss and I wear two Cochlear Implants on each ear. My disabilty has lead me to studying Industrial Design and majoring in Digital Innovation.




UX Design

User experience design is the process designers use to build products that provide great experiences to their users. UX design refers to feelings and emotions users experience when interacting with a product.

Brand Identity

Brand identity attracts new customers to a brand while making existing customers feel at home. Brand identity includes logos, typography, colours, packaging, and messaging, and it complements and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand.

Packaging Design

Packaging designs need to capture attention from the shelf, but once they draw customers in, your product needs to hold their interest. Also, packaging design is significant in the design process.

Market Research

Marketing is highly important because understanding the customers’s needs and wants needs to be considered in the design process. The whole purpose of creating a product is for the target audience and situation.


I enjoy making prototypes and understanding how my ideas on sketch is produced through 3D models. Making prototypes is important because it helps find the issues and save time without wasting money and time.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials is very important in the design process because in the circular economy, material waste has increased and the waste ends up in landfill. Therefore, creating sustainable products helps close the loop in circular economy.

Digital Design

Technology has evolves into our daily lives and it has become another way of creating products, advertising products and connecting with the world. In digital design, I can create apps such as ‘Augmented Reality’, websites, digital marketing, and online advertisements. These skills are important because creating products needs to be versatile to online and in person.


 These are important topics, subjects and knowledge areas that I can offer. All the design skills I have gained through my studies and practice are shown through my projects.

Technical Design

  • Design techniques, tools, and principles used to make detailed technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models.

Engineering & Technology

  • Use engineering, science and technology to design and produce goods and services.


  • Machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.

Computers & Electronics

  • Circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.

Production & Processing

  • Raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and ways of making and distributing goods.
  • Technical Design – 86%
  • Engineering & Technology – 70%
  • Mechanical – 40%
  • Computers & Electronics – 50%
  • Production & Processing – 65%

Operations Analysis

  • Understanding needs and product requirements to create a design.

Active Learning

  • Being able to use what you have learnt to solve problems now and again in the future.

Critical Thinking

  • Thinking about the pros and cons of different ways to solve a problem.


  • Come up with unusual or clever ideas, or creative ways to solve a problem.

Deductive Reasoning

  • Use general rules to find answers or solve problems logically.

Oral Comprehension

  • Listen to and understand what people say.


  • Imagine how something will look after it is moved around or changed.

Oral Expression

  • Communicate by speaking.
  • Operations Analysis – 80%
  • Active Learning – 90%
  • Critical Thinking – 90%
  • Originality – 100%
  • Deductive Reasoning – 66%
  • Oral Comprehension – 85%
  • Visualisation – 100%
  • Oral Expression – 100%

software experience


Able to use these skills to create conceptual designs, logos, packaging layout and more.


This skill is great way to demonstrate the 3D model of my designs and create prototypes by using 3D printer.


This program is used to create houses and this program is perfect for displaying products in a house setting.

After Effects

A great program to create motion films and 3D graphics motion for logos and websites.

Unreal Engine

A great way of using 3D modelling from Archicad and Solidworks to create Augmented reality and VR to advertise the designs.

iMovie/Premier Pro

To demonstrate products and prototypes that I have created and use for editing for graphic motion clips.